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War Industry


War industries produce weapons for the armed forces of states. They make weapons and technology and equipment for the military. Guns, arms, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more are among the products offered. Several research and development processes are also conducted within this industry.

War industry mainly produced:-

  1. Land-based Weapons– tanks, missiles, guns, etc.
  2. Aerospace systems– military satellites, fighter jets, drones etc.
  3. Naval systems– aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, anti-air defence systems, frigates, etc.

1. Explain economic war?

A form of economic warfare in which economic measures are used against a nation in order to weaken its economy so that political and military power can be diminished. Embargoes, boycotts, sanctions, tariff discrimination, suspension of aid, and blockades are common economic war tactics. During the Cold War between the USA and the USSR, the USA denied the Soviet Union and its allies access to high-tech equipment and computers of great economic and military value. 

2. Explain self-reliance in defence

Self-reliance refers to “equipping the armed forces with a whole range of equipment that may come from foreign and domestic sources”. DRDO dedicatedly working towards enhancing self-reliance in the Defence system and undertakes design and development leading to the production of world-class weapon systems and equipment under the expressed needs and the qualitative requirements laid down by the three services.

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