Tips To Become A Good Speaker- SSB Interview


Here are some Tips that you can follow to make you a good speaker.

1. Stay Confident-: Indulge yourself in talking to as many people as you can talk. Do not fear of committing mistakes. The more you practice the better and more confident you will become in communicating with people.

2. Practice-: Preparation is the best way to overcome the fear of failure. Give your time to improve your communication. Once you have become comfortable with the content, practice a number of times. Video recording yourself, or get a friend to assess your performance.

3. Listen-: Listening is a fine art and this can improve your speaking skill. Listen to English news and songs, watch English movies and imitate the way of pronouncing the words. A very short duration of a day is more than enough.

4. Read a lot-: Reading is the best way to increase knowledge and way of expression. And to express yourself you need words that you can get by reading. To communicate you need to understand what the others are saying, and this requires even more attention. This will build up your potential to speak and understand well.

5. Readout loud-: Read the newspaper or a magazine out to yourself before a mirror. This is a very nice way to practice because you only need to concentrate on making sure that your English sounds great and no need to worry about grammar.

6. Write-: Writing is one of the best ways to learn a language. It will give you a way to communicate and build your sentence and other required skills.

7. Add a new word to your vocabulary daily-: Everyday you will come across a new word that you have never seen or heard, write it down in your notebook along with its meaning, and use it in a sentence while speaking.

8. Participate in discussion-: Discuss the topic of interest with friends in English. Use as much vocabulary and phrases you can. Listen to everyone’s points and make a clear vision of that.



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