Tips on SSB Lecturette- SSB GTO


Each candidate will get the same time of 3 minutes but one can get good marks by presenting – good expressions, good body language, fluency of thoughts, confidence, etc.

  • Get the knowledge of frequently asked topics and burning issues over the globe.
  • Have confidence while delivering the lecture and show good body language.
  • Show minimum body moments including hand gestures and leg moments but as hand gestures are required use it.
  • Have good words to everyone in the group, it helps in becoming bold and confident.
  • Prepare in privately, use camera/mobile to record video on self while practicing the lecture and then analyze the performance later.
  • Use accurate pronunciation and words present in an impressive manner.
  • Avoid very silly mistakes those mistakes will get noticed very easily and leave a bad impression.
  • Keep in check the pause and breaks while speaking it will help in maintaining the modulation of the lecture.
  • Keep the lecture in short in mind while preparing the topic and deliver them in sequence while delivering the lecture.


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