Things Every Defence Aspirant Hates






Defence aspirants your kind of blood rarely founded. The moment you planned that you want to give some best part of your life for SSB preparation, lots of things changed (for good cause). As a defence aspirant, there are a few things which you might do not like.

  1. You cannot tolerate the people sitting while national anthem is being played. As you heard the voice you stand up in respect of anthem.
  2. After Each and every Independence Day/ Republic Day many tricolors can be found in the corner of street and roads, you feel like getting the person and slapping him by your words.
  3. You hate each and every person who talks bad about our country and still a part of country.        


  4. Those who talk ill about Defence Forces they are the worst enemy for you. Who the hell they are to talk bad about defence services. Mana Ki Stars Nahi H Shoulders Par But Dil To Star Wearer ka Hi Hai!!
  5. When people asks your previous SSB results. The time you feel like killing them from inside you want to shout on them, “Where do you bloody people disappear when something good happens to me?”
  6. Even worse when they comment on results and ask what have you done there? Why did not you get selected? Like they are interviewing again after SSB. And at the end there suggestion to leave this career choice and go for something else.
  7. When somebody asks you “Why did not you get recommended?” And then their lecture- Buddy try more harder and introspect yourself find out shortcomings and work over it and then go for SSB, It’s easy enough to qualify just need to work upon you. You’re feeling inside “just leave me alone”. And they keep vomiting before you.
  8. They are not having even bit knowledge about SSB and still shout a lot about it. And spread rumors and talk unnecessary thing about it and the most unbearable when they are not ready to listen you. All defence aspirants hate this.

If you have some more thinks that you don’t like discuss in comment box.

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