Sagar SSB Experience

Hi Friends This is Sagar Rathour, Sharing My experience At 14 SSB Allahabad.

First time I went for NDA but  have not had that much knowledge about SSB so I got S/O

I tell You about My second Appearance to SSB for TES-35 Allahabad

My English was little bit good than before.

I felt that may I can get through in screening test …I went with preparation …in a 20 Candidates Group …only one Got selected …That was Me.

for Pshychology test …I did practice but not in a particular institute

I feel that …I was not so mentally active that time ….not so much aware ….

but preparation was good ….

i knew how to make story how to write WAT & SRT

I wrote all TAT stories It was a bit easy, 52 WAT …some was alike 45 SRT

but I had a hesitation ….

I knew the answer of all questions …but I was being hesitated in front of GTO and IO …sometimes …

I gave a idea in PGT, HGT & FGT

My best part was GOR and GD …as I think so.

I got a Topic Indian economy in lecture

Since…beginning I talked about the stats n figures of  Indian eco….but here also got stuck …due to hesitation…and I ate conclusion …but I spoke till last

I got stuck in rapid fire …due to lack of proper listening

I talked to IO bilingual language ..but 80% english …and rest hindi

I had a smile on my face …coz he was too smiling…but may be I was little nervous …coz I was facing that situation frst time

I got a bomb task in CT

My mistakes were…lack of proper listening nervousness  and hesitation due to debut

That was all About my experience

At  my conference  day … they talked with me approx 4-5 Minutes

They asked some questions how was the food where u went for visit is There any modification required tell. Tell me the % of 8th to 12th class …repetition of this question in IO.


Finally Joining Air force With Flying Colors.

A piece of suggestion to all Aspirants

Listen so carefully don’t take stress agr apka ek task kharab ho gya ….to next pr focus kro apne group m achi bonding banao starting se….. b social in grp ….tahi iska fayda apko group task me milega group k task m acche se bat kro … jo bhi bolna soch samjh k bolna be pateince in Pro Group task and group discussion don’t debate of anything Keep a smiling face during outdoor task and PI

Group m apni smartness s dhak jamani h

stress and nervousness matters A lot.

Keep Yourself Determined and work Accordingly will get soon Your Dream.

All The Best For Your Upcoming SSB and  Exams.

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