Recommended in 1st Attempt CDSE

Recommended For Indian Air Force From

1 AFSB Dehradun In 1st Attempt

SSB Interview Experience‐

Hey mates, I am Abhishek shukla, a Science graduate

from Delhi University. Currently pursuing M.Sc. in Physics. After qualifying CDSE, I have started preparing myself for every part of the SSB. From PP & DT to all the time bound psychological tests to  GTOs. I had full 3 months and did all the work required .I was consistent on reading newspapers, articles, framed my opinions on various current and burning topics over the month. One of my friends who have been SSB several times He helped me here a lot, he shared his SSB experience and given multiple ideas to think over that helped me out in psychological testing, helped me out in preparing lecturatte , gave me tips on individual obstacles. And then the day came, when I left for Dehradun. Screening test was great, OIR was the easiest, PP was good again, DT was full of chaos. Every candidate tried to put his story and the consensus one. Hence, no one came to it. Was sure that I’d be screened in . Then we got the real chest no.s . Chest no. 9 was mine Got to meet 9 awesome people. We shared an awesome bond, late night talks ,discussion in Anti room. We had late night discussion, Psych tests went awesome , did 12/12 TATs, 57/60 WAT and 57/60 SRTs! Self Description that I gave in was all genuine and not with a single bookish or interview type words ! Every quality of mine was with an example of a life event . I kept on talking to my friend after each and every test and encouraged me differently. Then came the GTOs . All about the group dynamics In short , its your performance at that moment ! That gets you in ! Interview went fantastic , it was fun , the rapid fire, the current affair questions, questions about the family, friends, likes dislikes, like an informal talk that lasted for an hour ! Conference was awesome , dressed up in formals and exciting till the end . Lasted for 2 minutes and I was out, having a strong feeling that I’d be recommended.


Final result: Chest no.9 got through SSB.

“Abhishek Shukla

Best feeling ever!

The experience was worth living.


Defence Taiyari congratulates you for your success and praise your work for it. DT had a very nice time with you.