A Fine Story of a defence Aspirants

A fine story of a defence Aspirants 


I was an average student. Since my childhood, there was nothing like defence in my life. I used to play cricket and wanted to become a cricketer. But after failing in multiple attempts of joining academy I felt broken and it was not my failure. Each and every parent want his child to see a successful person and they have observed there is no career for a small town boy. They used to put off my joining to the academy.  When I was in 8th grade they said if you passed 10th, I would allow you to join the academy.  I passed out with good marks.  Again my father said just pass your 12th after that I would give you permission.  At that time I realized he won’t do anything. Then I decided to do something else and all of a sudden my good friend has fought with me and unfortunately, he was hit by me badly. I was expelled from school for 7 days. When I joined again my school principal said, if you want to do this kind of fights just join the defence.  I was shocked by this new word; came back searched about it and collected a good amount of information and that time decided to join the defence.

Then I came to Delhi to fulfill my dream.

NDA notification published by UPSC and I applied as lakhs of students have done.


I prepared like never won and performed like never lost. Somehow managed to qualify. While I was checking results the first time I was not sure to get clear. I opened the laptop and clicked the link as soon as the file opened my fingers started shivering. Just searched my roll number and found the results NO MATCH WERE FOUND. I was shocked and felt broken suddenly my brother Entered the room and asked my roll no to check again. Actually, I put a wrong digit in between my roll no.

Finally felt amazing after getting qualified in a very first attempt. It was a great experience for me. As soon as I got SSB call-letter. I prepared for that and went with full of enthusiasm but I was not that much fit to perform before a week I fell ill and It continued till the day of SSB. Finally got screened out but had the courage to face it again. It was a very nice experience for me. Meeting candidates from different states of the country and having something different from others but the same Aim. I came back with little disappointment, but I was boosted by interaction with officers and the others recommended candidates at SSB center.

When I came back to the home found plenty of my friends around me to ask my experience. It was also a good feeling for me but a little weird because it was not a successful attempt. After all, I applied again NDA exam and appeared qualified in the same manner again feeling fantastic after qualifying it again. Where few of my friends did the same.

I again started preparing for the SSB but not went to any coaching center and luckily my work paid me in my 2nd attempt. I got Stage 1 qualified. Now, the real feel of a candidate came out of me. The appearance of candidates rooms and all the facilities provided by the selection center. That was a pleasant stay of 5 days. No cell phones no social media, just Armed forces around me. My group was amazing.

Anyhow, the conference finished and the result was declared. Few get recommended and rest are asked to home back. I felt broken but during the talk with GTO, he said you people can do it. If not this time but make it sure the next time. That boosted me and I have now experienced full SSB. So, I thought it would be easy for me.

What have I got from SSB?
I am quite grateful to SSB and Defence Forces that I have got various things from it, even cannot describe in my words what I got from here. I was like a kid that doesn’t know a lot about society and people. I was busy in my own world and have no worry of anything but as soon as I started preparing for defence services I got a huge change in my lifestyle, thinking process, observing power, and innovative ideas. I got the chance to know about not only Indian war tactics but also other war tactics. Indian & world Geographical condition and the different things related to human geography and The best Human Psychology in this duration. That helped me to get the right person for the right work and using my strength at a particular task. Earlier I used to work without any planning but as soon as I entered I got to know a secret to complete a task planning in the most important thing. I made it my best strength after planning one thing required that is necessary; the same I developed in me to execute my plan with logic. Because I read somewhere “King must have Just” without proving yourself right you cannot lead anyone. Improvement is the life long process but you can finish it earliest if you got to know your area of improvement and worked in a good way. One of my teachers used to say “ If you prepared once for defense services with full of Zeal, you might not get success in that battle but nothing can make you unsuccessful in the battlefield of life.”  This line always motivated me to do regress work on me. Once I met with an officer from Airforce; he was Wing Cdr told me one thing always motivate you “ As the very first day you got commissioned in services from the same day till your crematorium Indian govt will look after all of your things, even after this your people will be benefited”. My interaction with various officers made me different and still in contact with those people and hoping that all be together till the end. I traveled a lot in 3 years after my 12th and earned a lot of experience and analyzing and observing skill. Your circle matters in all respects, my friends have a great role to make me this much effect.  It’s tough to explain all the things but I must tell you my all time favorite line.


“I am the son to two mothers, One who borne me and the other is my Country; She made Me, She Made Me the Man That I Am. And every-time she calls me, I shall hear and I shall heed.”

Now the change came in my life I came to know about real me, got to know about my surroundings, family, relatives, friends and the best is about me in a very good way that nobody can tell. That I came to know from my SSB and meetings with the officer and the word never ever heard Introspection became the power to know myself. People used to say no one can change his psychology but I changed my perception towards the thing and got myself changed. As everyone knows change is the lifelong process so anyone can change himself and it was my motto till the change needed in me and I got. I used to sit alone and think about unnecessary things for others but not for me, it was the lifeline. The changes I have got that made my life very different Even changed the way to observe the things and it’s one of the best things I found in this duration.

I applied for TES entries and got the same results in all attempts to attempt No 6 that was NDA attempt and SSB was in Bhopal. I got recommended in this attempt and jumped into happiness my batch mates congratulated me and wished me good luck for the next stage of Medicals. I was enjoying with my mates who got recommended for the same. The different feeling in the + chest no. A different way of new candidates towards us and asking the various kind of questions.
Finally, medicals finished and got clearance of medically fit for Army. In the medicals conference in the conference room, President of the board asked How are you feeling now. I was like amazing Sir. He told about medicals and wished best of luck for the future at the academy.

I came back to home with happiness and zeal was enough and a new attitude of a recommended candidate. Finally the day of final merit they uploaded it and I founded my batch mates were in merit so I was happy that yes we are in but as soon as I searched for myself I was in Merit but The rank of mine was very high.

I still took positive hope that may I get joining letter but the batch commenced and I left at home, I did not get any call to join academy I felt broken and really cannot tell to anyone how I felt after this result. It was like hell broken on me but I have to manage myself because in future so many opportunities looking towards me, but somewhere in my heart it has taken place that Dude You are unlucky. During this, I met with two girls one for AFCAT and the other for the ARMY. They asked for guidance and help I could not deny because of my love towards defense service the girl for AFCAT got recommended in just 2 months of practice and joined the Academy for training, And the other one was with me in my last two attempts, I hope she will get soon her dream job and fulfill her choice of services she had also a huge contribution to my positive thinking after this much failures and learning.  After getting out of the list I faced 3 SSBs and Got screened out twice and once conference. I felt like It is tough enough for me now but The same Girl for Army Fulfilled me again with new enthusiasm. I am grateful to her and god that I am surrounded by that kind of people.

Now while writing this it seems a tough task to control me but still have the zeal to join it anyhow & working for that. Now the next CDSE.

I will never lose hope and never stop Working for Armed Forces. After a  9 number of attempts, I am a big experience holder and people look towards me as I really have joined Armed Forces.

I wrote it all not tell my story to you people it is just to tell you never feel like a loser, You can and You will.  Being a gentleman is not a matter of upbringings it is a matter of choice. Whether it is sunny or stormy weather a warrior always takes his stand.

You will be reading soon news of my recommendation and getting commissioned in service.


All the best for your future and hope you all will pray for me as well (jokes apart).




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  1. well! mr.dedicated solider you will succed in your future

    I Have to missed to attend my ssb interview recently because of fake mail


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