Rumors OF SSB

The day you have started your preparation for SSB, you definitely have crossed so many people who have a huge knowledge about SSB. You have explored different websites regarding it. Some of them have tremendous information of it, some of them tell you hundreds of rumors related to SSB that you may believe easily because they tell this with such a good confident that they are the best at SSB.

Few of the rumors are here out of those people who do not know even ‘S’ of SSB.

1. They come at Railway station to see how you are behaving before SSB center.

2. They started testing you as you have started your journey from home!
3. There is camera everywhere in SSB centre and your every activity is being watched and if you do anything wrong, you will be rejected.
4. CHM takes round at late night to see you people how you are sleeping!
5. A candidate having Defence back ground gets more preference than others.


6. The one who gets toughest command task (BOMB Task) gets recommended for sure.
7. They will ask the things you haven’t imagined ever like how many steps you have walked to reach in this room? What is the color of wall behind you?.
8. You will get some people for sure who got rejected on the second and third day.

9. If you get recommended once, you will be given the first priority among all.
10. Mess staff has a huge contribution in your selection; they tell to officers how you behave in mess!
11. Repeaters of 4 SSB never get recommendation in any circumstances.

If you know some more discuss bellow.

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