Psychology Test

Psychological Tests conducted in SSB for the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. A well qualified Psychologist will take your tests at SSB.

You will be dragged under pressure in Psychological tests by giving you very less time and then your qualities will be judged by your responses which you have to write down on the sheets given to you.


You can take part in Psychology Tests in formal or casual dress but our suggestion is that you must be in a proper dress which gives you a Gentlemen look, Although no one would point you out for your dress except if it is completely unacceptable but by wearing a proper dress you would feel good which is most important in Psychological tests.

Now, let us discuss the Psychological tests in brief, The test comprises 4 parts in it.

  1. Thematic Apperception Test

You will be shown 12 pictures and for each of the picture you have to write a story in 4 Minutes. This test is alike the Picture Perception but in this test you are not to fill any detail in box or write any action.

  1. Word Association Test

This test is for judging your personality by the psychologist. During the test 60 words will be shown to you one by one and each word will be flashed for 15 seconds and within this time you have to write a meaningful sentence in your answer sheet but keep it in mind it is not a sentence formation test.

  1. Situation Reaction Test

You are to answer 60 daily life situations in 30 minutes. Anybody can solve the problems but what we look the way of solving.

  1. Self Description Test

The test need to write the opinion about you of your Parents, Teachers, Friends and Your opinion about you as well.

Note The Psychology testing at some selection centers conducted on the same Day of screening. So be mentally prepared for the tests as generally after the Screening candidates got tired.

Listen all the instructions carefully and do as you are instructed there by the test conducting officer.

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