Ways to Improve Your PPDT and TAT Story Writing

Ways to Improve Your PPDT and TAT Story Writing

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) in SSBs is conducted on Day-1 and known Stage-I testing. PPDT is a screening test which is an elimination test of the candidate. It is conducted to know about the Perception and description ability of a candidate within a limited time.

 Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is one the psychological tests conducted on Day-2 of the SSB. It is one of the Stage-II tests; candidates, who got screened-in, are retained for stage-2 testing. This test is to know about the cognitive, intellectual, emotional and behavioral functioning of the candidates and identify their intelligence, personality style, interpersonal processes and observation skills.

To put it in a nutshell, these tests are organized to comprehend the characteristic of thinking pattern, feelings and behavior of a candidate in a given situation and time. The candidates are shown a picture for 30 seconds and asked to write a story in 4 minutes. Therefore, it’s essential to perform well in these tests.

Given tips are effective to get qualify stage-1, at the level of PPDT as well as important to attempt TAT successfully.

You know that you will be shown a picture for 30 seconds, be mentally prepared for it and observe the picture with full concentration and use those 30 seconds carefully and effectively. Look at the background and see the setting of the story; it maybe a scene of a room, a hospital, an open field, market, sea sight, etc and figure out the number of characters and purpose they are serving.

While creating the main character from the characters you observed in the picture, choose the character you identify the most with. The hero of your story must be empowered, i.e. he should be able to overcome some problematic situations or improve its standards or must possess liveliness.

Make the outline of the story keeping three questions in mind, what lead to the situation, what is the present scenario and what is result? Do it respectively and logically and keep the story compact and focus on the work part of your stiry. Story should be in past (always).

Give an optimistic, encouraging and reasonable story. The ideas you exercise gives an insight into your social point of view and interpretation and illustrate your level of harmony with the social progress of individuals around you and your attitude towards extending a possible help to others.

Do not anticipate unnecessarily a problem when it is not shown in the picture. For example, scene of two people walking happily or scene of a dining table, don’t show terrorist attacks, bombing, snatching, quarrels, etc if it doesn’t seem so; it represents the pessimistic tendency of a mind.

Except for you know the job of the main character; you cannot justify and explain the action taken by him. For example, If you don’t know the nature of the job of an NGO worker, do not portray your main character as a NGO worker.

Do not write a miraculous story depicting a wishful life from plinth to paramount . It must be realistic, written in a positive frame of mind; the main character must be an achiever and thrive for the common welfare of people and not just for self.

Always remember to write an result of the story, the main character should not be outlined as an immoderately reward seeking person or looking for self-appraisal. A simple sense of satisfaction or acknowledgment by others would do enough to end the story.

You may not be able to write more than 10-12 lines in a specified time of 4 minutes. So give 2 lines for introduce your main character and 2-3 lines what led to the situation, 4 lines for what is the current condition in the scene that you have perceived and remaining 2-3 lines for the final result of the story.

When it comes to the last blank picture in TAT, it is always advisable to prepare the story beforehand because it will be easier for you to write an already prepared story in the given time.

Work on your handwriting. Writing 12 stories repeatedly is a tough task, and completing them in a time frame of 4 minutes each can make your work look clumsy and untidy. Writing stories with a neat and clean handwriting will give a leading edge.

Practice writing stories in advance, which will open the knots of creativity and imagination of your mind. It will also help in elevating your speed to write well in time in a good manner. You may take pictures from a newspaper, magazine, book, and movie or just sit somewhere quietly and look around you and write a story on it, to practice PPDT and TAT.

Stay calm and relaxed during these tests because stressing your mind would give less space to creativity. Though these tests are conducted to put your minds in pressure and extract the best possible reaction, you need to channelize your energy towards originality and imagination without feeling panic.

Way to write a story:-

Theme- A boy sitting on a chair in thinking position.

Story:-  Rohan was a school student of 11th class from Rohini UP.

His participation was good and active in all academic competitions. There was a speech competition on the burning issue of Mob Lynching. He was thinking about that after coming back from his school on sitting on a chair.  His father is govt. employee in secretariat he Came from office and saw him in thinking position so inquired the reason of deep thinking. Rohan told him about competition and topic he got.  His father asked him to do Google and sat with him on searching effective data and some effective techniques from Internet like why it’s taking place and who is responsible for that and how to deliver in public. He watched videos from YouTube practiced before mirror and with his father and made his presentation skill fantastic.

On the day of competition he performed with full of his determination and confidence and got the best performance reward for speaking and presenting the real and effective facts.