Necessary Things Candidates Learn From SSB Interview- SSB

Most Shocking Questions In SSB Interview- SSB Interview


  1. Discipline & Organization.
    The day it started and being a dedicated candidate to a test which is highly restricted to time and with every assessor or instructor of Services Selection Board are highly focused on detail at the time of briefing and assessing to candidates. In this duration of 5 days candidates become organized and disciplined. They do all the things in a bounded time and under such a pressure that make them used to of these new quality of living organized and disciplined.
  2. Team Work and Consistency.

There are different tasks at SSB that take place in team and a group to assess how each and every candidate behaves as group leader and a member. Making decorum of group with all happenings in group discussion and group planning exercise and while discussing something they cooperate that SSB teaches everyone. Take part in activities as a good member and showing agreement on common solutions is also a part of learning.

  1. Decision Making.

At SSB, Different characteristics like reasoning ability, presence of mind, stress management and other qualities are assessed there. The hypothetical conditions in various tests assessor assess candidates decision making ability and a candidate must be quick in all tests. An individual having these abilities always get value. It is desired in a candidate and candidate must realize its importance.

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  1. Mental toughness.

In duration of SSB process, personality traits and characteristics are being assessed. To assess these traits psychological tests are designed in a proper way. Being devoted to number of psychological tests and other tasks of GTO, a candidate learn how to be tough and strong mentally.

  1. Motivation and determination.

To be amongst the luckiest people one who don the Olive Green grow up stronger during SSB experience. In duration of tasks the determination to complete the task by motivating other members. SSB teaches a candidate to stay determined and motivated to earn the Olive Green.

  1. Nothing is impossible.

I have seen people getting recommended in their 10th and 23rd attempt, that proves nothing is impossible before your dedication and determination at that point it doesn’t matter how far goal seems, one can achieve ones aim and feel it. It may sky is far for others but not for determined one.

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