Machiavelli Niccolo – 25 Tactics to Maximize your Strategy – ART OF WAR

  1. What helps the foe, hurts you; and what benefits you, hurts the adversary.
  2. Whoever is more careful in noticing the plans of the foe in war, and bears a lot of difficulty in preparing his military, will bring about less risks, and can have more noteworthy expectation for triumph.
  3. Never lead your fighters into a commitment except if you are guaranteed of their mental fortitude, realize they are without dread and are coordinated, and never make an endeavor except if you see they expect triumph.
  4. It is smarter to overcome the adversary by hunger than with steel; in such triumph, fortune counts more than temperance.
  5. No procedure is superior to that which you have disguised from the foe until the time you have executed it.
  6. To realize how to perceive a chance in war, and take it, benefits you more than whatever else.
  7. Nature makes not many men daring, industry and preparing make many.
  8. Discipline in war counts more than fierceness.
  9. It is better in getting sorted out a commitment to save incredible guide behind the forefront than to fan out your officers to make a more noteworthy front.
  10. He is overwhelmed with trouble, who can say for sure how to perceive his powers and those of the adversary.
  11. The righteousness of the warriors is worth in excess of a large number, and the site is frequently of more advantage than prudence.
  12. Whoever seeks after a directed adversary in a complicated way, just becomes vanquished from having been a victor.
  13. Whoever doesn’t make arrangements important to live (eat), is defeated without steel.
  14. Whoever confides in more in cavalry than in infantry, or more in infantry than in mounted force, should agree to the area.
  15. Assuming you need to see whether any government operative has come into the camp during the day, have nobody go to his quarters.
  16. Change your procedure when you become mindful that the foe has anticipated it.
  17. Advice with numerous on the things you should do and deliberate with not many on what you do subsequently.
  18. At the point when warriors are bound to their quarters, they are kept there by dread or discipline; then, at that point, when they are driven by war, (they are driven) by expectation and prize.
  19. Great Commanders never go to a commitment except if need urges them, or the chance calls them.
  20. Act so your foes don’t have a clue how you need to coordinate your military for the fight to come, and in the manner in which you sort out them, organize it so the primary line can be gotten constantly and by the third.
  21. In a fight, never utilize an organization for another reason than what you have appointed it to except if you need to cause the problem.
  22. Mishaps are cured with trouble except if you rapidly take the office of reasoning.
  23. Men, steel, cash, and bread, are the ligaments of war; yet of these four, the initial two are more essential, for men and steel discover cash and bread, yet cash and bread don’t discover men and steel.
  24. The unarmed rich man is the prize of the helpless trooper.
  25. Acclimate your officers to detest fragile living and lavish attire.
Machiavelli’s 27 Rules of War - War on the Rocks

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