Latest Group Discussion Topics 2017- SSB

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  1. Which one is the major cause of intense civil agitation in Kashmir?
  • Incapable government
  • Religious superiority
  1. How escalating pollution rate in India can be controlled?
  • By opting new social initiatives and traffic rules
  • Social awareness
  • Using new technology and reducing dependence over fossil fuels
  1. Live in relations are increasing in India. What is the cause behind it?
  • Western culture
  • Unstable relations
  • Lack of parent interaction with children
  1. The performance of India in sports has gone down. What can be a possible cause of it?
  • Burden of studies has increased
  • Lack of infrastructure and financial support
  • Lack of reach of selection committee to every corner of the nation
  1. What can bring more development in India?
  • Educational development
  • Economic boosting
  • Gearing up employment rate
  1. How criminalization can be checked in India?
  • Involvement of technology
  • Change in rules and penalties
  • By providing limited powers to people
  1. Which plays crucial role in maintaining democracy in India?
  • Media
  • Political parties
  • Citizen of India
  1. Draught situations have effected which field of India?
  • Industrial output
  • Normal population
  • International exports
  1. What must be done to improve the education system of India?
  • Implementation of new acts and laws
  • Removing commercialization of education
  • Focusing on skills rather than theoretical knowledge
  1. Many bulk data websites have been banned by telecom authorities.
  • Help in educational purpose
  • Help bulk data distribution
  • Violates copy write laws

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