Interaction With Lt Vikrant Lakara’s SSB mate- Sagar Rathore

Lt. Vikrant Lakra lost his life in a car accident near Punjab-Haryana border. Vikrant was heading to Delhi on leave from Bathinda in his new car, which he bought recently. He has joined his duty 5 months back. A Motorbiker who was riding in the opposite lane had lost control and veered into Vikrant’s lane. In order to save him, Vikrant abruptly steered the car away. He saved 2 Ladies, 1 Child, and 1 bike rider but lost his own life.

Defence Taiyari interacted with his one of the SSB mates. Mr. Sagar Rathore is currently being trained in the Air Force. In our interaction, Sagar told us a bit about him.

Sagar started; He was a good sportsman and cooperative enough. As soon as anyone starts talking to him, get to know that he is made for defence services. He was the best Cadet of NCC Delhi.
Sagar shared that he was fond of modeling and a very fun loving person. He helped me with his notes. He became my guide during preparation. Vikrant’s deeds and his look show an officer in him every time. He used to utilize his time in the metro by reading the newspaper.

Sagar shared one incident about him. Once I was traveling with Vikrant in Delhi metro and as we reached Rajive Chowk a huge crowd entered the metro. I was feeling irritated and not comfortable in the hot summer. Then Vikrant said buddy just enjoy the crowd, stay positive and again started reading the newspaper.

“If you are doing something just go and finish it, don’t quit in between.” It was Vikrant’s motivation. Cooperation was a very meaningful word in Vikrant’s dictionary.


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