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The individual obstacle is the part of Group Tasks in SSB. In this test there is a series of obstacles placed one after another, your aim is to cross successfully them in the allotted time. The number of obstacles varies for men and women. The given time is 3 minutes. Candidates have to complete 10 obstacles and women seven in the given time of 3 minutes. The type of obstacle varies as board changes. However here are some general obstacles: High Jump, Barrel Jump, Double Jump, Tarzan Swing, Tiger Leap, Burma Bridge, Rope climb, Commando walk, Double ditch, Screen jump, Balance beam, Monkey Crawl etc.

Here are a few things which you must know about the Individual Obstacle:

  1. Obstacles carry marks according to their difficulty level, the obstacle with the highest difficulty level carries 10 marks and subsequently, the others have 9, 8, 7 to 1 marks.
  2. Candidates can repeat the obstacles course once he/she has completed all obstacle and the time still left.
  3. This test gives you an excellent opportunity to get marks, as you have to do the task individually and all you have to think about your own performance.
  4. The candidates being called one after another according to the chest number in the group.
  5. Be careful of the bells, one bell being rung after two and half minutes are over, this bell indicates two things, one that only 30 seconds are left for the candidate who is performing the task, and other the next candidate should come and get ready, thus stand near to the obstacle from where he/she wants to begin.
  6. At the end of three minutes, there is a bell which indicates the time for the candidate who was performing the task is over and for the next candidate time has started.
  7. Listen to the instructions of the GTO carefully.
  8. Before starting the test, the GTO will introduce you with each obstacle and then there will be a person who will do all the obstacles and show you how they are to do.
  9. Once you are being introduced with the obstacles be very attentive and decide from where to start.
  10. It is better to finish those obstacles first that requires body balance, as it becomes difficult to balance your body once you are exhausted after doing the maximum of the task.
  1. It is a test to assess candidate’s fitness, whether you have the attitude of never say die and whether you have the mental power to stay in the training.
  2. These obstacles are not something which you do in your daily life, and practically it is not possible to make a task at home and practice them, you should be fit enough to not give injury yourself and take your stand for those three minutes.
  3. The most important thing can be seen through this test is the spirit of performing. You should put hard to do the maximum and enhance your capabilities by putting the maximum effort.
  4. If you get injured in this, it’ll not give you any sympathy and in fact, it will be harmful to you as it will affect your chances of getting recommended. This is because if you injured yourself that means you’ll not be able to perform well in the other tests.
  5. It is advised to practice running and jogging to build up stamina, and give strength you for the entire duration of Individual Obstacle so that you can give your best.

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