Impact of Science & Technology on National Security- Group Discussion and Lecturette

Impact of Science & Technology on National Security


Knowledge about the natural world that is based on facts learned through experiments and observations. Specific knowledge of any material, body, and subject is called science.


The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in the industry is known as technology.

National Security-

National security or national defense is the security and defense of a nation-state, including its citizens, economy, and institutions, which is regarded as a duty of government.

Impact of Science & Technology

The world has witnessed two significant events during the last three decades which has changed the contours of global strategic thought. The first being the end of the Cold War and second is September 11, 2001, World Trade Center (WTC)terrorist attacks (9/11).

These two events acted in shaping the policies of many countries along with the US. The end of the cold war gave an opportunity to many states to maintain peace and security in the region.

  • If a country is technically advance and strong, its economic conditions improve and the country can invest good revenue for its defence.
  • It is no more the era of conventional warfare, nowadays the world is facing technological war. To protect from it a state needs good IT infrastructure.
  • Artificial Intelligence is one of the key factors in the present scenario.
  • Advancement in technologies making them more reliable and fast.
  • Communication is one of the key role players in national security and that enhances with the advancement of technology.
  • Disaster management and resource mapping important and that can be done easily by updating space technology.
  • Science and Technology are needed for the development of human civilization and to use new technology in defending conventional military and homeland.

Key Points-

  • Modernization of defence forces.
  • Up-gradation of the lethality of the weapons system.
  • In the rapid action of forces, improving mobility.
  • Developing new weapon technology- Easy to use, mobile, credible, and capable.
  • Science & Tech.research for the safety tools of the states and its citizens.
  • For developing weapons as a means of deterrence.
  • Better and secure communication in all geographical and atmospheric conditions.
  • Advance satellite system for the defence.
  • Better defence infrastructure, transport, mobility, and connectivity.
  • Advancement of the cybersecurity of the country
  • For military research& development, education, and training.
  • Strengthening economic security.
  • Taking over the challenges of global threat

Summary- The security of this nation depends on our unwavering commitment to international engagement and science and technology investments made to take over the complex challenges that we face. National security depends on science and technology and the government policies decide the approach to cooperation and investment in science and Tech to keep the nation strong, prosperous, and secure.

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