How To Perform Well In TAT and WAT- SSB Interview

You definitely need the preparation that how to represent your own thought on paper in less time, short and effective way.

TAT Part-

I’ll suggest you not to learn or remember the theme of the picture for your PPDT and TAT test. Candidates from various coaching centers start connecting picture with NGO or Joining the Armed forces or any extraordinary attempt etc. It’s completely fine if picture relates to these themes.

It’s not okay if you are writing thing to just make it fit for the picture. So don’t attempt it because it affects your expression on the same picture.

Just keep your story in your mind and you’ll see that the assessors listen only 7-8 words of few candidates speaking and say the “Next” to the next candidate to narrate. In most of the cases, these are those candidates who have written a prejudged story.

Relate the picture with things that you have experienced in your day to day life and write down the same and that will be good for you. Think of what you have done in particular conditions.


WAT Test-

Let’s assume that the word flashed on screen is “Fail”. Everyone will write that “hard work can turn failures into success” or “Hard work brings success”.

Undoubtedly it’s perfect one but if 35 candidates are appearing in the Psychological test with you, 20 of them will write the same response to this word. Agree? You’d better.

Question is that, why is the same response coming to the mind of 20 candidates at the same time.

The answer is because it’s a very recurrent word. Everyone is aware of this quote “hard work can turn failures into success” everywhere in school or coaching institutions or any motivational videos.

It’s fine if you are writing a similar response to these particular words or for any other recurrent word like Success, Army, and Leader etc.

Remember one thing that never memorizes the responses of any word. The reason behind it is because it is not going to work for every word. Time of 15 seconds is enough to write what have you experienced that relates to the particular word. When 60 words slide on screen repeatedly for 15 seconds, you already have a lot of pressure to finish the former sentence before the next word flashes on the screen. Assessors are trained and experienced enough to discrete these memorized responses from your natural responses. So don’t be smart enough just show what you are.


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