How To Perform Well In Self Description and Personal Interview- SSB Interview

Self Description-

For the Self Description test again you don’t require any special preparation. Before going to the SSB, just think about what are the things that you want to write there and be practical and realistic with you. There is only one Psychological thing which is important to remember.

If you believe you can do, you will do. If you’re 0.1% afraid of your performance then you will be the reason behind not getting recommended.

Personal Interview-

Questions are asked usually based on the candidate’s day to day life experiences and relating to the candidate’s work, education, family and spare time activities, hobbies and interest, friends.
Candidates often rush behind current affair of the same month or previous month. They ask these questions to assess your awareness of things happening around you? Any reform that government has taken in recent?
If you are there for technical entries, they will ask basic questions related to your domain.
It’s fine if you don’t respond all the questions. Perfection is not for every time and even not everyone will be perfect. Even IO knows you are just intermediate, Graduate or Post Graduate. So he doesn’t expect you everything.
Don’t take any stress in the entire interview. Think as someone is interested in your life, about what you have done and what’s your thinking for present and future. Keep yourself present there.
Link the rapid-fire questions which interviewer will ask because that’s in a sequence from your school to the college, from your family to your friends. If you miss anything, you’d better ask later. Be genuine; be true to yourself and to the interviewer. If it’s a technical entry, then be prepared for basic technical questions as well. Be calm and confident. Forget not to give him every valid reason behind your every choice or way of responding to something.

NOTE: Don’t put your efforts to make IO fool. Time of 30-35 minutes is fairly enough for a well experienced and trained officer.

For more information and detail about Personal Interview Click on the link Bellow.

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