How To Perform Well In Screening Test- SSB Interview

In this race, we forget that there are many other aspects of life as well. We forget to live a balanced life.

A large sum of the candidates among us after being graduated are either aspiring for any government job preparation or not dealing well with their job. Right?

A very short duration glance at the uniform everyone gets Goosebumps. Everyone wants to put on it and take the responsibility. But it takes firm determination and works to get recommended if you are grappling in your own mind.

SSB Testing is not a single day process or a week. It’s the testing of your personality, your psychological behavior. You can improve your psychology but it takes time because it’s a process. For that, you have to live a balanced life. You have to get rid of this grapple in your mind. There is no shortcut to prepare for anything.

Just 1 tips for the entire candidate.

Enjoy your every life, be happy. Create interest in the work you are doing. Make your study and life interesting rather than a burden. Because it’s your responsibility and nobody else could do it.

These small changes will help you to improve your mindset and behavior.

It’s not a big deal if you got screened out last time or conference out. Its fine, if you are getting failed everywhere you are putting efforts BUT it’s not ok if you are not putting efforts and evaluate yourself.

You are only one and you will be the only one who is responsible for your future.


How to perform well in the test.

 Screening Test- PPDT

Before the Group Discussion starts you will get time to write a story and time to go through Story, and one minute narration time. SSB has gifted this one minute narration time that can’t be taken away from you. So Gentleman, complete your narrative in this given time frame.

This one min time is yours. No one will interfere with you. So take your time and give your best in a confident way, Don’t look at the assessors just address to your group.

Let’s discuss the Group Discussion part

As soon as the discussion starts all candidates jump into it and lead it in the fish market.

Leader means the one who gives a good direction and leads in a very nice way. A leader doesn’t mean just commanding over the people.

So where everyone is shouting in group wait for that one second of silence and that is your time to lead in a nice way. Grab the opportunity and perform your best.

The following performance comes from your skills. Your confidence, stress management etc will decide that how well your performance is in the group discussion. If you think you need a special preparation for this, my answer will be always “NO”.

Imagine you are in college and the next 5 days are off. You don’t have any coming exam. You are living in the college hostel. Now what you do? You start making plans to either have a cricket match with other branch or you convince your friends to go on a tour or else.

Let suppose you planned to go somewhere and your pocket is not allowing you. You’ll ask your parents for support and here you need some convincing power and tricks or you have to compromise with your plan to go that place.


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