How Defence Aspirants Are Different From Others


A career in defence forces is far away from other career options. Only a defence lover can understand and feel the importance of serving the nation. All defence aspirants find these things in their life like, their all dreams, talk, routine, and even social media wall, everything relating to defence services. At the age kids wants a easy lifestyle, fashionable dress, moving out with friends and enjoying the things; a defence lover only think about uniform. They follow their schedule and do the things accordingly.

Even before their joining they keep a high sense of patriotism, passion and pride in their personality. It’s not that much easy to do. They all are real warriors, the person who lives his dream daily can never be looser, It might be they end up with opportunity to serve the nation, they shall remain a fighter, and it’s all because they don’t know giving up.

Where the people want to be settle with a pleasant job and a handsome salary, defence lovers are determined to get unconventional goal. Each and every defence lover loves life threatening danger and risk and yet so adventurous and full pride and honour.


Here some features that separate defence lovers from crowed and these features only can be find in defence lovers.

  1. Respect is a very important thing for the defence lovers. Even before joining the services, they have learned to earn it from their family, relatives, friends, and other people. The spark that you find in their eyes when they talk to you about their dreams of joining defence forces and earning the renown and Honour of the Armed Forces, that is when they feel those Goosebumps and realize that they are half done to achieve their goal.
  2. Crew Cut whether you think about it as a trend or discipline; Defence lovers always maintain that crew cut (Fauji Style) even if they are not selected.
  3. All the defence lovers follow the discipline of getting up early morning, especially months before SSB.
  4. They have a strong desire to join the forces and think about it throughout the day. They talk about it all the time. All their talks reflect something related to the defence. They have almost all knowledge of the Armed Forces, Military Intelligence of around the world. They love to stay updated about all the current happenings.
  5. Defence lovers commonly have a different view of the world. They envisage everything with one perspective of finishing out terror.
  6. While coming out of their Service Gypsy is a dream of all defence lovers to put on Golden rim Black Ray-Ban. Tips to impress your ssb interviewing officer
  7. How much do you earn?” Reply- Roughly a hundred salutes every day! All defence lovers desire to say this line a day.
  8. The dream to buy a Royal Enfield or some sports bike might be is cherished only by the military lovers.
  9. Fauji Gypsy means more than anything to them than these luxury cars.
  10. They dream of saving millions of lives by putting theirs on stake.
  11. This one is the favorite for all defence lovers imagine each possible scenarios of gun fighting with terrorists, neutralizing them, leading the troops, saving the lives of civilians and diffusing bombs. 
  12. They imagine how their SSB personal interview would go and what their reply would be when the Interviewing officer ask “Why do you want to join defence services?”.
  13. All of them envisage themselves wearing Olive Green Uniform. Uniform alone gives them the feeling of pride and prestige.
  14. They have crossed ANTIM PAG  million times in their dreams.
  15. Only a defence aspirant would feel this when the parents don those stars on their child’s shoulders on the day of passing out parade (POP). Proud moment!

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