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  1. The formation of UN was one of the most novel ideas our elders had. However, the significance of UN is always debated. In your opinion what is the standing of UN?

          (a)     UN is able to fulfill its role.

(b)     UN is unable to fulfill its prime role.

(c)      UN is toeing the line of US.


  1. Population itself is a cause of many problems. In your opinion what should be done about this ever-increasing population.

(a)     There should be compulsory sterilization after the first child.

(b)     Strict penalties or loss of job if more than two child.

(c)      Spread awareness amongst the people.


  1. Our culture is supposed to be one of the oldest and strongest. But the influence of western culture has created doubts in many minds about its status. In your opinion

(a)     Our Culture is Decaying.

(b)     Every one has right to select what he thinks is right.

(c)      Our Culture remains as strong as it was.

  1. Choosing a right life partner is a very crucial decision. In your opinion which is the best way of selecting a life partner

          (a)     Love marriage.

          (b)     Arrange marriage.

          (c)      Selection based on ‘Janm- Patri’.

  1. As technology has advanced, various source of information like SMS, MMS, INTERNET & 24 hr channels have arrived in addition to newspaper and magazines. Every source has benefits or limitations. In your opinion which is the best source of information?

          (a)     News paper.

          (b)     Magazines.

          (c)      INTERNET.

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