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  1. After every major disaster, there is a rush of VIPs visiting to the disaster struck areas. The visit has its own implications. It is believed that relief work, at places, after Tsunami was delayed due to PM’s visit. In your opinion VIP visits lead to

(a)     Better coordination of relief work.

(b)     Overstretched administration leads to hampering the relief work.

(c)      VIPs making political gains.


  1. Prior to disintegration of USSR, underdeveloped nations used to align either with US or USSR and benefit from their competition. Is today’s unipolar world

(a)     Spells disaster for underdeveloped countries like India.

(b)     Benefits underdeveloped countries like India.

(c)      Forces them for make new alliances of their own.


  1. The aspirations of regional blocs has started new political equations. In your opinion the rise of regional blocs like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc

(a)     Threatens independent nations like India.

(b)     Makes independent nations like India more accommodative.

(c)      Leads to better economic understandings.


  1. Allegations have been leveled against Kanchi Shankaracharya and he has been in custody for some time. What do you think is the main cause of this controversy?

          (a)     Shankaracharya’s involvement in murder and sex.

          (b)     Political gimmicks.

          (c)      Jayalalita wants to take over the rich mutt.

  1. Recently a PIL has been filed to get the national anthem amended by removing the word ‘Sindh’. What do you think is the main cause of this controversy?

          (a)     Sindh is part of Pakistan.

          (b)     Population of Sindhi is small i.e. les affect on vote bank.

          (c)      Political parties wants to make a national issue like Ram Mandir for hindu vote.

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