Group Testing Officer commonly known as GTO is one of the three assessors at Service Selection Boards, the other two are Psychologist and Interviewing Officer. Testing by GTO is done for 2 days and in these two days a particular candidate is examined by the Officer in 9 Tasks.

GTO is the only officer who will be in touch with you for so long, generally GTOs are fun loving but at times some are strict too. But ultimately you will enjoy your company with GTO, at least till result is not declared.

Before you move further we would like you to make familiar with the GTO Dress which will be required for the next 2 days.

GTO’s Briefing

Good Morning, Gentleman (you all will replay as Good Morning Sir, but he will say he didn’t heard, he wants a bit loud) I am XXX and I will be with you for the next two days. The first thing I want to tell you is that we are not going to have any exam or test in this next two days, we will be playing few games together, but as it happens in every game there are some rules, the same is with our games also I will tell you all those rules when they will be required. And there is no specific solution to a particular task there can be a no. of solutions so doesn’t look for a particular solution look for the solutions only. I am expecting great two days ahead are you looking for the same?

Now, let us discuss the 9 GTO’s in brief.

Group Discussion

GTO’s testing procedure starts with GD which is similar to what you all do in your canteen and classes, there will be 2 group discussions and each will be for approximately 15 Minutes.

Discussion Topics of GTO- SSB

Group Planning Exercise

Group Planning or Military Planning Exercise is the second task in GTO series, in this task you will be given a few problems connected to a model, firstly you have to give your own solution and then discuss and finally a mutually agreed group solution is required.

Progressive Group Task

In this task you have to cross 4 obstacles along with your group members, helping material and the load.

Snake Race

This is a race in which your group will compete with other groups.


In this task you have to give a small talk for 3 minutes after preparing it for 3 Minutes.

Half Group Task

It is similar to PGT except that your group will be divided into two sub groups, each group will perform the task separately.

Individual Obstacles

In this task you have to perform 10 obstacles in 3 Minutes, you can repeat the Obstacles to increase your marks.

Command Task

In this task every one of the group is made commander and is allowed to do the task in his own way and he will be assisted by a maximum of 2 subordinates.

Final Group Task

This is the last and final task in GTO series, it is similar to PGT but smaller in terms of no. of obstacles which you are required to cross.




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