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  • Final Group task is the ending test in GTO testing series.
  • What is in this article?

 Introduction to Final Group task, How to take FGT in SSB and useful tips for Final Group Task in SSB Interview.


Introduction to Final Group Task:

The ending task of the series of Ground Task is known as Final Group Task. GTO exposes the students to FGT. Those candidates did not perform well in PGT/HGT/CT should show endeavor to improve in the FGT, though it is a late action. The final look at the candidates is taken by the GTO. Although last minute performance is not going to help, there is always time for improvement at any stage. Rules, regulations, and limitations are the same as applied to other ground tasks.




The objective of Final Group Task:

This is the last task but not the least at the SSB.  Before this task, the GTO will note down and choose the candidate based on their performance in their previous tasks.  So it is also the last chance for the candidates to come out with their qualities. Even some candidates may get a few chances to prove themselves in PGT.  So those candidates should use this opportunity to prove their leadership qualities.

It is same like PGT, but in PGT, the group has to cross four obstacles but here in the FGT, we have to cross only one.  So all candidates should be quick in their decisions to work out their plans.


Tips for Final Group Task (FGT):

All the rules, principles and instructions are same as the Progressive Group Task (PGT).

Things to follow in Final Group Task (FGT):-

1) Never look at the Assessor while performing the tasks.

2) Give a good idea to the group if you don’t have any idea just help the idea given by others truthfully.

3) Don’t violate the rules it is the basic of GTO tasks, and in case if you violated the rule, just repeat the task.

4) Stay like an active participant in the team by giving your full cooperation.

5) Stay positive in your views i.e. take consideration about other members ideas if it is better than yours.


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