Few Questions That Can Be Asked In SSB Interview- SSB Interview

Questions are asked usually based on the candidate’s day to day life experiences and relating to the candidate’s work, education, family and spare time activities, hobbies and interest, friends.
Candidates often rush behind current affair of the same month or previous month. They ask these questions to assess your awareness of things happening around you? Any reform that government has taken in recent?
If you are there for technical entries, they will ask basic questions related to your domain.
It’s fine if you don’t respond all the questions. Perfection is not for every time and even not everyone will be perfect. Even IO knows you are just intermediate, Graduate or Post Graduate. So he doesn’t expect you everything.
Don’t take any stress in the entire interview. Think as someone is interested in your life, about what you have done and what’s your thinking for present and future. Keep yourself present there.

  1. Tell the ranks of officers in the Indian Army/ Navy/Air force?
  2.  Tell the number of commands there in the Indian army? where are they?
  3.  What are the arms of the Indian army, name at least 3?
  4.  which is the primary weapon of the Indian army?
  5.  Name the chief of staff of the 3 forces?
  6.  How does an aircraft fly? what are the forces acting on it?
  7.  Tell the type of tanks that the army have?
  8.  Tell us about the nuclear submarine of India?
  9.  What are the frontline aircraft of the Indian airforce?
  10.  How does a ship float? what are the principles involved?
  11. Tell about Archimedes Principle?

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