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There are 2 group discussions in the GTO, which are conducted consecutively. The topic for the GD can be related to the current or social issue. Below are some topics that will help the candidates going for SSB in upcoming days or months for getting a hint of the group discussion.

1.What is the biggest problem for India? – Poverty, corruption, illiteracy
2.Are working women well for the society or house wives were better?
3.Commercialization of healthcare services has brought several problems. How can it be overcome?
4.Which one is better for the new generation? Love marriage, arrange marriage, or live in relations
5.For a better education system, what must be changed? Primary education system, exam pattern, imparting vocational training in school.
6.Which factor affects the youth mostly? Money, comfort, respect.
7.How can the problem of brain drain in India can be solved?
8.How can Indian start-up be boosted in India? By providing tax holidays, releasing new schemes, providing easy loans
9.Does India need good leaders or change in political regime to bring change in the democracy?
10The intolerance in youth is increasing. What is the main cause?
11.How be banking sector strengthened? – Easy loans, launching more payment banks, schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana
12.Is it right to allow Pakistani artist to work in India?
13.Which is the biggest social evil in India? – Caste system, gender inequality, dowry system
14.How can be cyber security in India improved to next level?
15.Which factor helps the children learn and develop more? Peer, parents, teachers
16.Which is the emerging problems across the Indian borders these days, Chinese intrusions, smuggling, terrorist infiltration
17.Should yoga be made the compulsory subject in schools?
18.Can privatization of agriculture make it more efficient and easy?
19.Should Indian army abolish Sahayak system or some amendment is required in it?
20.What is the correct way of dealing with North Korea? – applying a sanction, using parallel military power, by the intervention of UN
21.How can the new generation be groomed to flourish a better society? Imparting good education, increasing parents participation in child’s grooming, any other
22.How social media can be used in a good way? – for knowledge purpose, crowd funding, spreading social awareness
23.Which is the best quality to be developed in the new generation? Leadership, social adjustability, practical skills
24.What is the chief cause of mass immigration in Europe? Terror groups in North African nations, poverty and in efficient government, good employment opportunities in Europe
25.Which section of tourism must be focused to increase the tourism sector of India? Educational tourism, medical tourism, cultural tourism.
26.Is it good to use e-education or it decreases practical knowledge or the students?
27.How will the changes in H1B Visas affect Indian economy?
28.Where India should use its nuclear power? In nuclear energy field or in nuclear weaponry
29.What should be preferred over non-renewable sources of energy? Solar energy, tidal energy, nuclear energy
30.    What is the reason of unstable environment in Jammu and Kashmir? – Inefficient government, local religious groups, unemployment and poverty misleading youth

31.    How can the condition in Jammu and Kashmir be improved? – removing AFSPA, providing more facilities and subsidies to people, any other
32.    What should be done to improve the ease of doing business in India? – enhancing infrastructure, improving connectivity, supporting FDI real estate etc.
33.    Make in India a good option for defense sector? or foreign procurement is good to modernize the armed forces in less time?
34.    Should Islamic rules like Triple Talaq be abolished or not?
35.    Should AFSPA be lifted from north eastern states?
36.    Which nation will get maximum benefit from the economic and business policies of India? China, US, other South Asian nations
37.    Which is a better option? Bureaucracy, democracy, technocracy?
38.    What should be done to improve the health status of India? Increasing health facilities reach in rural areas, supporting AYUSH, any other
39.  Moral values in youth are going down. What is the reason? Western influence, Media, working parents
40.  Child abuse cases are rising. What is the main cause?
41.  Should youth be encouraged and inducted in Indian politics?
42.  What must be considered for the promotion criteria? – Seniority or merit
43.  What should be done to reduce disaster tragedies? – Deployment of armed forces, expanding forces like NDRF, strengthen disaster prediction authorities
44.  Is privatization of railways a good decision or not?
45.  What is the worst outcome of the internet? – Artificial intelligence, censored material and pirated data, dehumanizing effect
46.  What should be done to support tourism? Increasing security, promoting through media, strengthening infrastructure and connectivity
47.  India’s performance in recent Olympics was not good. What should be done to improve the performance?
48.  Should women be inducted into armed forces in fighting role or not?
49.  Is producing transgenic animals and plants good or not?
50.  How the participation of women can be increased in sports?

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