Varuna Naval Exercise

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The Varuna naval exercise is part of France–India strategic relationship in the 21st century and consists of naval cooperation drills between the Indian Navy and the French Navy .

The joint-exercises take place either in the Indian Ocean or Mediterranean sea having the aim of improving Indo-French coordination on capabilities like replenishment-at-sea, cross-deck operations, minesweeping, anti-submarine warfare and information sharing.

2015 Varuna exercises will focus on theatre-level Indo-French military cooperation in aero-naval and anti-submarine warfare. A French battle-group led by French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91) and carrying aero-naval version of Rafel aircraft will operate alongside the Western Naval Command.

It followed the establishment of strategic partnership in 1998 between both countries, every year Indian Navy and French Navy are conducting naval exercises. The naval exercise was christened as ‘Varuna’ In 2001,. Thirteenth edition was conducted in the Mediterranean Sea.

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