Defence Aspirants Feel and Others Thinks About Them- SSB

Defence Aspirants Feel and others thinks about them

People always think of different things about defence aspirants. Ask any defence aspirant, being the part of Indian Armed forces is the proudest thing that one can be in- the respect you get from the society, the pride when they find people in uniform around them and they feel apart from everyone when everyone stares at those people in uniform.

The feelings can’t be described in words it just can be felt. Especially, when you, yourself want to become one of its bearers. A lot of things are there similar in every defence aspirant across the Nation.

The Desire to Join the Armed Forces-: Just imagine it. What would be your reply to someone when they will ask you what you are going to do in future life? You feel proud saying it with a broad chest that you would join the Armed Forces. Nothing can replace that feeling and proud happiness within you.

The respect for the Nation and National Flag-: Everyone respects the national flag, but there is something in the heart of defence aspirants that makes them respect it naturally. Like standing up when the national anthem is being played during a cricket match between India and other Nation and while watching the Republic Day parade religiously every year.

Will-power-: In every defence aspirant a force work always that keep saying, “buddy, don’t stop until you make it. It’s the time to work and A little hard work will make a bright future ahead!” And you get back on track.

Enthusiasm-: This is the identity of a defence aspirant. Where ever you go, whatever you do, your enthusiasm is always high. Defence Aspirants always find a way to extract happiness from every moment around them.

The closeness Defence Aspirants feel when they come across someone belonging to the Defence background too-: They feel like you know them and have already met them a long ago. There’s not a single formality between you as well, not even a formal introduction. Because you know that it’s going to last forever.

The goosebumps Defence Aspirants get when they watch a war movie or the big battle guns-: That is not new to Defence Aspirants. They have always seen surrounded by all these things like movies, news, and stories. But, still, it gives them goosebumps when they see it working because they’ve always wanted to see it.

The pride Defence Aspirants feel when they say someone that they are going to become a part of defence services and gets “That’s cool” as a reply-: If you visited some places related to it, people will definitely ask about ammunition and other things. 

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