DEFENCE TAIYARI, an organization established in 2016 by Akhilesh Dwivedi (Ph. D. in Defence & Strategic Studies & a Defence Aspirant) with the aim to provide essential information and guidance for SSB Interviews, current affairs, Political Science, Defence Studies/Military Studies/Strategic Studies/Defence & Strategic Studies/Security Studies and other Armed Forces exams.

Thousands of aspirants have been benefited over the years by the guidance and information provided by Defence Taiyari. With the objective to assist aspirants Defence Taiyari has composed the book “Burgeon of SSB”. Individual guidance is provided via online and offline modes to all the seeking aspirants. The organization also provides platform and assistance to interested individuals in content creation.

Over the years Defence Taiyari has been successfully grown from an individual to a complete team of enthusiasts.

For any inquiry mail us at defencetaiyari@gmail.com


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