40 Secrets To Improve Your Personality For SSB Interview- SSB


40 Secrets To Improve Your Personality For SSB Interview


  1. Give your focus to one thing at a time.


  1. Something went wrong don’t blame anyone.


  1. What others are saying just show your interest.


  1. Keep yourself optimistic and cheerful.


  1. Bear a good character.


  1. Don’t make anyone feel inferior.


  1. Keep a good and friendly smile all the time.


  1. Talk Interesting thing to everyone.


  1. Stay calm in adverse conditions.


  1. Be always sharp-eyed.


  1. Have a good,and Fit body.


  1. Greet always others in their success.


  1. Keep yourself fresh and cheerful.


  1. Inculcate self-control and modesty.


  1. Keep will power and determination.


  1. Think twice before taking any action.


  1. Keep a wide range of knowledge.


  1. Commonsense and practical intelligence should be in your persona.


  1. Actively participate in the activities of SSB.


  1. Inculcate a habit of accepting your mistakes and rectify and correct them.

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  1. You should not be extreme on any point.


  1. Keep your dress and mane


  1. Keep professional knowledge and always be active.


  1. Always stay friendly with others.


  1. Initiate anything with others like conversation.


  1. Be Bold and courageous to face every condition.


  1. Think positively.


  1. Walk erect, swinging your arms, and breathe deep.


  1. Improve your voice and make it polite.


  1. Be bold.


  1. Be a bold orator and sound


  1. Always help the weak aspirants.


  1. U don’t have to be brilliant or perfect but URSELF to succeed in SSB.


  1. Be relevant, be +ve n be crisp. Don’t beat around the bush.


  1. Read n write daily Hindi as well as English.


  1. Use Rhythm, Speed, Volume n Pitch (RSVP) while speaking to team / GTO/ IO etc.


  1. Be abreast with the latest current affairs and policies.


  1. Don’t be haath agarbatti and pair mombatti in any situation. Also never indulge in Toms foolery or stupid show off actions.


  1. Armed yourself with good humour.


  1. Lastly stand up, speak up and shut up based on the situation.


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